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Join the Zoo’s horticulturists for our Garden Tour Series. Each tour is guided by a Zoo horticulture staff member who will discuss different gardening topics, including: growing tips, best watering practices and much more. Whether you are a seasoned green thumb or gardening greenhorn, there will be something to learn and apply to at-home gardening projects.

Garden Tour Series

Tours 90 minutes, rain or shine
10:30 a.m. - noon
Cost: $15 - members receive $5 discount
Maximum: 20 people
Reservations are required

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All Garden Tour Dates

Underused Native Plants

Tuesday, July 10th

We all know the important role that native plants play in creating sustainable landscapes, but did you know there are many overlooked, under-utilized natives that can expand your plant palette? Tour our gardens to learn about these natives and their cultivars that will add more diversity to your sustainable home garden.

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Plants for Animal Exhibits

Tuesday, July 24th

Learn how our horticulture and animal staff work together to design the plantings in and around the animal exhibits. Each exhibit presents unique challenges as the staff must consider the animals’ natural habitat, health and behavior in addition to aesthetic interest.

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Best of Summer
Saturday Garden Tour

Saturday, August 11th
9 to 10:30 a.m.

Join our horticulture staff to see how we care for our landscapes at the height of summer. Guests will be treated to the best of the blooms in our rose, butterfly and formal gardens. Our annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs will also be at their peak. Come get inspiration for your own garden and bring your questions for our knowledgeable staff!

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Heirlooms to Hybrids

Saturday, August 14th

Our gardens display both the newest hybrids and rare, old-fashioned varieties of hundreds of plants. In this tour, learn about the evolution of your favorite annuals and perennials and what they have gained or lost along the way. A great tour for green thumbs that love science and history!

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Gardening in Challenging Areas

Tuesday, August 28th

Rocky soil? Dry shade? Poor drainage? Every landscape has its challenges. Our horticulture staff is always adapting to new growing conditions as the Zoo grounds develop. On this tour, learn which plants and practices will help you see new potential in your “problem” areas.

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Collecting and Saving Seeds

Tuesday, September 11th

Learn how to collect and save seeds from your favorite annuals, perennials and vegetables. In addition to basic seed science, learn which varieties are best for collection, when and how to collect them and how to store seeds to keep them viable for planting next season.

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Fall in the Garden

Tuesday, September 25th

Fall is a busy time in the garden! Along with cooler temperatures come tasks to ensure your garden survives the winter and will look its best for next season! Come see how the horticulture staff puts the grounds to bed. You will learn fall pruning and mulching techniques, how to divide and store plants, select and plant spring-flowering bulbs, protect newly-planted landscapes and much more.

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